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Pettyjohn Plastering Inc. is a trained, licensed and skilled contractor in the installation of EIFS systems. Haven’t hear of EIFS systems? Well, whether you’ve heard of them or not chances are you’ve seen them without recognizing what your were looking at. EIFS is common throughout the 4 states area.

These exterior insulating systems can be found in a variety of end uses. For example, you’ll find them in commercial and residential applications (i.e., houses, apartments, condos, shopping plazas, etc.)

EIFS uses insulation boards on the outside of the wall and a plaster like exterior covering. This is like you putting on a parka to go outside in the winter, but only it’s for your residence or business office. So, it’s an extra layer of insulation for your building project.

There are many types of EIFS! They range from an outer barrier to prevent water penetration to those which are essentially a secondary plane of drainage behind the insulation. In a typical EIFS system you’ll find polystyrene foam are installed then a base coat is applied. Then an application of glass fiber mesh to reinforce the system. Usually, a finishing coat is then placed over the reinforcement layer.


One of the primary benefits is increased energy efficiency. Initially, EIFS may cost more, but it quickly pays off in savings at the meters, both electric and gas. Experts say, structures iwth EIFS can save between 20 and 30 percent on the energy bill.

Other benefits, increased creative freedom because of the polystyrenes ability to be molded and cut in many shapes (i.e., arches, columns and sculptures. You’ll find creative people can create elaborate designs and ornate facades.

One of the other benefits is since this insulation system is applied to the exterior you interior square footage is not affected. Of course, another great benefit is the EIFS can actually be constructed off-site and then delivered to the building site to be installed. This allows the construction to have a small footprint, as far as, inconvenience is concerned.

So, start saving and give PettyJohn Plaster, Inc. a call today to discuss your project.

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